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NextLevel Hair Removal Magic Pad

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Key Features

  • Portable, Convenient & Durable
  • Washable & Reusable Hair Removal Pads
  • Skin Friendly & Easy to Use
  • Painless Way To Remove Unwanted Hair
  • Suitable For Every Body Part 

Removes hair by exfoliating with a flex-crystal pad that removes hair at the same time without the harsh chemicals or pain of other hair removal methods. Perfect for facial and body use - use it anywhere you have unwanted hair! This kit includes a travel case, one large applicator, one small applicator, four small flex-applicator pads and four large flex-applicator pads.

Shipping Time: 2 - 4 Weeks
It's safe for the upper lip; sensitive areas and all other areas of the body. Removes hair instantly & pain-free. Safe for upper lip, sensitive areas, anywhere. Gently exfoliate while removing hair. No pain, no chemicals, no razor burn.

How to use?

For upper lips, facial hair, eyebrows, bikini line & smaller areas of body
1. Make use of Nano applicator to get rid of hair present on the smaller sections of the body. 
2. Insert the Nanocrystal pad in the Nano applicator. 
3. Now start massaging the applicator on your skin in clockwise and counter clockwise.
4. You will get rid of hair instantly.

For hands, legs, underarms & bigger areas of the body
1. Insert the big crystal pads in the big applicator. 
2. Now start massaging the applicator on the bigger areas of the body such as hands, legs, etc. The applicator will remove more hair at once and provide you with quick results. Make clockwise and counter-clockwise movements for better effects. 
1. The micro-crystal fiber pads are hard on hair and gentle on skin. 
2. You can use the crystal pads multiple times. Wash it after the use and dry well before using it again or storing it. 

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